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Silk carpets are one of the newest products of DEKO121. The elegance of production and high quality of this product along with its unique design has made this product a suitable option for luxury environments.

One of the most attractive features of woolen carpets is heat retention. This type of carpet keeps more heat inside and is the best carpet for the cold season of winter; Also, this feature works the opposite way in the summer season. Moisture does not destroy this type of carpet and in fact it maintains its capabilities well against it.

Delicate designs, Soft fibers and the prominence of carpet flowers it gives it an attractive look which makes the space of your home luxurious and special. If you like your living and reception space to be classic and traditional Choosing this type of carpet is the best which gives a special effect to your home.

Special and popular; today, it can be found in most modern interior designs. The main reason for this issue is the easy coordination of this attractive flooring with the arrangement of interior decoration with any model and taste. This means that you can use a shaggy or high pile carpet with any decoration and arrangement model.

Modern designs and harmony of different colors give it a special effect that beautifies your home. If you like your living room and dining room to be modern, choosing this type of carpet is the best that gives a different and beautiful look to your home.